Error #30 Cannot resolve the requested network address.

This error indicates that the RealAudio Player or RealPlayer is attempting to resolve the RealAudio or RealVideo Server's Internet (IP) address by accessing the Domain Name Server (DNS), a database with a dotted-quad number corresponding to the domain name, and not succeeding.

There are several reasons why an IP address cannot be resolved. For example: the URL might be spelled incorrectly in the .ram file, or incorrectly entered in to the Player's location window. The ISP may not be configured to access an appropriate DNS server, or there may be a server or router failure between your ISP and the requested server.

IP addressing is a hardware independent scheme, achieved by assigning each host a unique 32-bit number, called the IP address; usually written as four decimal numbers, one for each 8-bit portion, separated by dots, it is also called dotted quad notation. If a name which corresponds to the dotted quad is typed in wrong or the ISP is not configured correctly this error occurs.

To solve this, verify that the syntax of the address is correct. If it is, please contact your System Administrator for additional assistance.